A season of change for the Alliance

Fall is a season of change, and for the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts, this fall will be one of major change.

Lily Hunt, our dedicated and amazing Director of Programs and Operations, is leaving the Alliance. We are very sad to see Lily go, but so unbelievably excited for her and her new opportunity. Our loss is the world’s gain. Lily has been a cornerstone of the Alliance and a committed advocate for the arts in Charleston.

For the Alliance, we will continue. Many will ask, “Who are you going to get to replace Lily?” The answer to that is no one. No one can replace Lily. In this case, a new person will be filling a new position. It is different from Lily’s position in some ways, similar in others. The listing for the Director of Operations and Resource Development is linked here. If you or someone you know is interested, we hope to hear from you.

Thanks to all that you do for the arts in the Lowcountry, and thanks to Lily to all that she has done. We wish her nothing but the greatest that life has to offer, as that is what she has earned.

With respect and gratitude,

Mike Gibbons

Executive Director

Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts