Friday Fiver: Gracie and Lacy

RGB Rockette HorizontalSisters Emily and Lacy Miller have been performing together since they were kids, first putting on a show as 8- and 10-year-olds in the driveway. From there, the singing and dancing siblings have grown to be performers extraordinaire as the stars of the Gracie and Lacy Show. Their shows are a high-energy homage to the big band era, with amazing costumes, vibrant dance numbers, and, of course, homerun performances of some of your favorite classics. If you want to dive into the holiday spirit, join them at their next show, Christmas On the Air, Nov. 28 at 2 and 7 p.m. at Footlight Theatre. For more information or to get tickets, visits,

We sat down with the singing sisters for this week’s Friday Fiver.

  1. Much of your show pays tribute to a time of big bands, glamorous costumes, and patriotic themes. What draws you to that era/style of performance?

EMILY: We grew up watching a lot of old movies and classic musicals.  I love the idea that many of the songs of the 1940s-1960s represent the music that brought Americas through the war years.

LACY: We like the the patriotism and values of that era.  The fashion is timeless – we wear vintage clothes onstage and offstage!

  1. Your show is known for the myriad costume changes. How many costumes will you both use in a typical show, and what is the most challenging part about that many costumes?

EMILY: I conveniently forgot how to sew. . . thus Lacy designs the costumes.  For a 40 min. show there are about six costume changes.  For a 90 min, there are a dozen!  Our show is performed in a “variety show” format, rather than a “concert” format. . . so there are a lot of costumes.

LACY: It’s challenging to come up with enough “different” looks for each show, and not to repeat the same color costumes back-to-back in the show lineup.  I also have to coordinate the costumes with the backdrop or set.  It’s also tricky because I have to design the costumes for 30-60 second costume changes.

  1. What modern popular performers come closest to embodying the big band style and feel?

EMILY:  Bette Midler, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr and the Puppini Sisters.

LACY: Tony Bennett, Michael Feinstein. . . and heck, Barbara Streisand is still going!

  1. What is one hidden talent you can tell us about your sister?

Dace Vertical LogoEMILY: Lacy does incredible vocal impersonations – ask her to do Doris, Day or Judy Garland!

LACY: Emily does the splits up the wall.

  1. Natives of St. Louis, you moved to Charleston in 2014. What has been the biggest difference in living in the Lowcountry vs. the Midwest?

EMILY: In St. Louis, I could go to a show or a museum and see thousands of people I’d never see again.  In Charleston I regularly see people I’ve met everywhere I go.  It’s kind of fun.  You just have to make sure you’re not gossiping behind someone else’s back, because chances are, you’re talking to their cousin!

LACY: Business hours.  I called an office the other day at 2pm and the answering machine said to call back during business hours!

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