Friday Fiver: Heather Powers

heather powersHeather K. Powers is organized. And she knows you can be, too. The owner of HK Power Studio, Powers uses her artistic and organizational skills to help others – particularly artists – get organized. We sat down with Heather for this week’s Friday Fiver to talk about getting all of your ducks in a row.

What is the first thing people need to accept when they are ready to begin the journey to getting organized?

It’s not about the containers! I love a good container as much as the next striving-to-be-organized person but you have to start with the PURGE! That’s the word some people fear. I’ve seen people resist this step, thinking they just need more containers. It’s not going to work, trust me. When you can really address your stuff and begin to make decisions about what, why and where…then creating that perfect system and containing the stuff comes more easily.

What is the hardest habit to break when getting organized?

It takes patience, practice and maintenance to be organized but it’s worth the effort. Having realistic expectations and understanding that you will always have to keep doing this (file papers, put clothes away etc) is a good first step. Your home/office or whatever space your working on probably won’t look like a designer magazine or book, at least not on an everyday basis. I find people tend to be too detailed or too general and that leaves people feeling totally overwhelmed. It’s about striking that sweet spot, what’s right for you and your lifestyle.

You were a fibers major at Savannah College of Art and Design, and say that sitting at a loom felt like you’d “found home.” Is a loom still home for you, and how much time do you get to spend there these days?

Having moved to Charleston several years ago without a loom or a studio, I’m happy to say I have both now and I truly feel at home! I’m pretty busy running my business and don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like on my creative pursuits, but I’ve got my next weaving planned and a gallery bugging me for my work so that should be motivation to get me going! I also have some exciting creative projects I’ll be doing in the Charleston community that will keep me in the creative zone.

You are also a Master Gardener. Come spring, what will we find sprouting in your garden?

Last year I planted a butterfly garden and began beekeeping so I will continue planting thing that support pollinators, if I can cut what I grow and eat or enjoy the flowers indoors…Even better!

Your world is about organization. But are there times when you let a little bit of chaos take over for a spell, in a good way?

Of course! As a creative person I understand that there are cycles that include order and disorder. If we try too hard to find one without the other we are likely to fall out of balance and loose our inspiration or motivation. The key is to understand where that tipping point is for yourself. Most likely my tolerance of dis-order is lower than some peoples and that’s okay with me if it’s okay with them! If I invited you to come see my closets or kitchen cabinets I promise you would find order…the cat toys all over the living room though? That’s another story, I haven’t managed to teach them to put their toys away!