Friday Fiver: Holy City Sinner

holycitysinnerYou probably know Christian Senger, but you may not know it. He is most known by his blog handle, Holy City Sinner, which debuted in August 2011. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most popular local Charleston blogs, having been voted best Twitter feed in the City Paper’s Best of Charleston for the past two years. Senger said he focuses on the wide array of Charleston offerings that make the city unique. “Holy City Sinner is centered around the beautiful Holy City and its talented residents. We have some of the best cooks, musicians, charities, events, and people in the nation who demand your attention,” he said. As for the name? Senger sums it up thusly: “Although Charleston is known for its strong religious base and southern hospitality, it is also well known for some hedonistic behavior. Much like many of his fellow residents, this blog’s creator can often be found trying to balance the city’s equally enticing extremes. Holy City Sinner hopes to celebrate the many sides of this historic and lively city.”

You now have almost 20,000 followers. If you could go back and tell 2011 Holy City Sinner you’d have that reach, what do you think your reaction be?

To think I’d even have half that amount of followers would have shocked me. Each step along the way has been a pleasant surprise. I thought there would be a segment of Charleston that would appreciate what I was trying to accomplish, but I never thought I’d have the support of that many people.

You post dozens of tweets each day about the various goings-on in Charleston. How do you decide what to share with your followers?

Honestly, I try to include just about anything I can. There will be at least one person who is interested in each piece of news or information I come across. One of my goals has always been to inform people of things they may not have heard about otherwise and Twitter has been the best medium to accomplish that.

You’ve kept your followers up to date on myriad events happening in the Charleston area day in and day out. What is the best kept event secret in Charleston – the one event more people should put on their bucket list?

This was probably the most difficult question to answer. There are so many great events and it was impossible to choose one. However, after just a little bit of stressing out, I chose the Jail Break events, which are going to be changing in some fashion, but were always a lot of fun. Attendees could roam free in the Old City Jail, which was fun enough, but there were also performances and exhibits featuring local bands, comedians, artists, dancers, and artisans. It was a great opportunity to see the Charleston creative community while checking out a unique building.

Charleston is known for its fine dining, and you share plenty of delectable food news with your followers. But what is your fast food guilty pleasure?

Growing up in the Northeast, I never experienced places like Zaxby’s or Chic-fil-a, so those have become my go-to fast food places.

If you could wave a magic wand over Charleston, what would immediately happen?

As much as I love this city, there are certainly things that ail it. A lot of those issues came up in the recent mayoral election – traffic, homelessness, downtown’s poor drainage, public transit issues, the rising number of the rising cost of living downtown is pushing many people out of the city, the rapid gentrification of the city is doing the same for lower income families, and despite what some think, there are still racial issues that need to be addressed and fixed. Of course there are other big issues that plague the state and Charleston – domestic violence against women, education, and the rising number of HIV infections.  Those are all things I would fix if I had a magic wand.