Friday Fiver: Madeleine McGee

madmcgIf you’re a nonprofit and need an advocate, you need Madeleine McGee. As President of the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO), Madeleine is a tireless champion for nonprofits across the Palmetto State. Currently, she is leading the charge toward the annual SCANPO summit, which will be held March 9-11 in Spartanburg. The summit brings nonprofits together from across the state to learn, network, and connect. We sat down with Madeleine for this week’s Friday Fiver:

The theme of this year’s summit is Collaboraction — a combination of Collaboration and Action. What is one key thing that nonprofits can focus on to team up for a Collaboraction?

Building relationships. That’s why SCANPO puts some such emphasis on fellowship. What we are hoping for is that folks from the (nonprofit) community will say, “Let’s go learn together.”

What is one thing about nonprofits in South Carolina that most people don’t know?

That there are more than 23,00 of them. And since the EZ application form came out in 2015, the number approved by the IRS doubled from about 750 to 1,600. And our workforce represents 10 percent of the total (South Carolina) workforce. I think people forget the economic impact we have.

Last year’s summit was at Isle of Palms. This year’s summit is in Spartanburg. What is something the Lowcountry can learn from the upstate?

I am in awe of how the Spartanburg community works together. That’s why the theme is collaboraction. When I went to (Mary Black Foundation President and CEO) Kathy Dunleavy and asked her to chair, she said, “Yes,  but I’d really like to do it in collaboration with the other funders.” There’s a lot to be learned how their philanthropic organizations work together.

You spend a lot of time on the roads of the Palmetto State. What’s your go-to listen while traveling in the car?

NPR One. It’s a terrific app that gives you NPR. You can pick any stations you want. Of course I have SCETV radio. It‘s basically a podcast of NPR stations.

If you could wave a magic wand over Charleston, what would happen?

The diversity of our leadership class would grow leaps and bounds in the coming decades.


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