Friday Fiver: Summer and Brian Peacher

CHSIFF Slide 2015If you’re a fan of movies, Brian and Summer Peacher have you covered. The dynamic duo hosted the inaugural Charleston International Film Festival in 2008, and it has grown and expanded each year. This year’s festival is Nov. 4-8, and is slam packed with a wide array for cinephiles. But it’s not just watching movies — the CIFF also hosts workshops and seminars (even one on drone filming). To learn more about the Charleston International Film Festival, visit And, if you purchase an Arts Alliance Arts Matter Card (proceeds go to the Lowcountry Arts Fund that benefits area art non-profits such as CIFF), you will receive buy one get one free tickets at the CIFF (excluding opening and closing nights). To purchase an Arts Matter Card, visit

We hope you get to know the CIFF, and in the meantime, we sat down with the Peachers for our Friday Fiver so you can get to know them better.

The Charleston International Film Festival is now in its 8th year. How has it changed since the first Festival?

SUMMER: That’s tough – it has gotten better each year in so many ways: more high quality films from a variety of more countries (this year we have films from 12 countries), great informative industry workshops, fun networking events, stronger team and greater attendance.

BRIAN: The scope and size of the organization has grown. It started out Summer and I organizing things from the West coast. Now we live here and there’s a Board, Task Force, Screening Committee, and tons of kind Volunteers. Being a non-profit organization, it’s the people that are the strength of the organization and Brian and Summer Peachermake it successful.

What would you tell an aspiring filmmaker who would want to be in next year’s Festival?

SUMMER: Be smart on what film you choose to make, play into your strengths and start with a short.  Do something that makes you feel good, something that you can be proud about at the end of the day. Give it everything you got!

BRIAN: Start with a short film before trying to shoot a full length feature. Come to the festival to network and take advantage of some of the free workshops like virtual production, camera drone tips, and principles of animation.

The shortest movie you have in the Festival is “See You Soon,” which is two minutes long. What is the key to telling a story in that short of time?

SUMMER: Have a fun story, great actors to tell the story and a crew that can make it all come to life.

BRIAN: Make it quick :-)

If you’re scrolling through the channels at night, what is your one guilty pleasure movie that you have to watch to the end?

SUMMER: There are so many movies I love – I caught myself watching THE GREEN MILE the other day to the end and it still made me cry.  Oldie but still a good one.

BRIAN: We cut the cord and don’t have cable. I’m more of a HULU, Amazon, Netflix guy and like to check out the ‘new releases’.

Movie popcorn: Butter or no butter?

SUMMER: Butter and extra salt!  What is a movie without the proper delicious popcorn.

BRIAN: Light butter on the top with salt. At home, a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on popcorn is good too.