Friday Fiver with Cathryn Zommer

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, Enough Pie and BoomTown will present the kick-off of Sound+Light, a pop-up warehouse art installation at 1505 King Street Extension. Over the next four days, the warehouse will come alive with an amazing combination of Sound+Light that will be a treat for the eyes, ears, and soul. Tickets for the over-the-top kickoff party (think hundreds of pies and a massive dance party) are available at The remaining five days? FREE! Make sure to come by between noon and six each day.) We snagged a few minutes with Enough Pie’s Executive Director Cathryn Zommer to ask her a few quick questions for our inaugural Friday Fiver.

I. What will most surprise people at Sound & Light?  >The size of the location sound and light promoand our SOUND + LIGHT contemplative coloring books.

II. What is your favorite pie? >Enough Pie, of course! And any pie in our ENOUGH PIE SHOP at our first fundraiser on Tuesday, Oct 27 — it’s going to be a stunning display of pies from our delicious F&B community. 

III. What was on the radio on your ride in to work this morning? >The Hounds of Love by Kate Bush – it’s been on heavy rotation this last month.

IV. At Enough Pie’s Awakenings III: Solstice, the public was treated to numerous outdoor art cathryn zommer headshotpieces at the Dixie Furniture warehouse on Huger. How has art transformed that corner? >Art illuminated the corner of Huger + Hanover and helped make it visible for the first time, transforming it into an animated and lively place. In a perfect world, we’d have a big round table in the lot for ongoing street level conversations about how to improve in Charleston. I can dream, can’t I?

V. You get to wave your magic wand, and one thing immediately happens in Charleston. What is it? >Racial Equity.


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