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What Are The Best Backlink Sources?

Part of your SEO strategy should be getting backlinks because this is one of the search engine signals. The problem is that most people do not know where to start with this process. If you are one of these people, knowing the best backlink sources is a good place to start.

Local Business Directories

If you run a business with a physical address, you need to make use of local business directories for backlinks. These directories can give you a boost in terms of local SEO and are among the easiest ways to get backlinks. However, it is important to note that not all local directories have been created equally.

You should list your website with the large and general directories such as Yelp. However, you also want to look at niche directories as they will help you as well. You also need to ensure that the directory allows do-follow backlinks.

Some directories only allow no-follow backlinks. These directories are not going to help your SEO, but that does not mean that you should not be on them. You should prioritize getting onto do-follow sites while still listing your business on other directories to get more visibility.

Resource Pages

When looking for backlinks, you need to consider the authority of the website your link is on. The higher the authority of the website, the better the link will appear to the search engines. Fortunately, a lot of authoritative sites will have resource pages for their visitors to find more information.

This is what you should target for your backlinks. You will need to start with a Google search to find websites in your niche that have resource pages. Once you find them, you need to ensure that the website will fit both your niche and business. After this, you need to reach out to the website owner and start the process of getting your site listed on their resource page.

Review Websites

A lot of people do not realize that review websites can provide you with the backlinks that you need as well as reviews for local SEO. The websites that you should look for are those that have reviews of products, businesses, and services but do not exclusively do this. Ideally, the website should have high authority and be related to your niche.

Once you find these websites, you will need to reach out to them. You also need to look for review websites that are willing to feature your business. Websites that have reviewed your competition or other websites similar to your own are good options.

Social Media

You should never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to SEO and the creation of backlinks. Social media platforms have high authority levels, particularly those run by Google. This is why you need to use them to get the links that you want.

One of the sites to use for quick and easy do-follow backlinks is YouTube. While you need to create a video for these links, the boost from them is worth the effort. Once you have a video and upload it to the site, you need to place your link in the video description box. This is a great method to get links to pages that you might not otherwise get links to.

Linking to your content from other social media platforms is also a good idea. Of course, you will need to ensure that you post do-follow links. Fortunately, most social media websites will have do-follow link settings for any link that you post.


If you want to try a harder backlink source, Wikipedia is the way to go. This website has a lot of authority online and will help with your SEO, but you need approval from the moderators to edit a post. If you can get this permission, you will be able to list your website in the sources of a post.

There are a lot of sources for backlinks, but not all of them are ideal. You need to look for sources that have high authority and offer do-follow links. Business directories, review website, social media, and Wikipedia are among the best sources to look at, but they will not all be very easy to work with.