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The Best Ways To Get Better At SEO In 2020

SEO is an efficient way to attract attention to businesses and other users of the practice. Few people realize that this process is delicate and takes a lot of strategy to be effective. Those who choose the right path will have better results than those who attempt to do SEO in ignorance. Like any field, SEO is constantly evolving. Typically, it’s a result because of the manner of the search engines changing throughout the year. When the format you have to work with changes, you have to change with it.

Important In 2020

Your Page Needs To Load Quickly

A page that does not load quickly will swiftly lose the attention of the viewer. Unless someone really wants to see it, which isn’t typical when it comes to SEO articles, they will give up quickly when it comes to its loading process.

Make sure you are using the right server and working with the right domain company. It’s easy to get a domain company, but not all are equal.

Quality Content

While people used to be better able to do SEO without worrying about the quality, this has been changing more and more throughout the past ten years. Google is becoming better at spotting SEO articles and has been rapidly taking them down. Google considers SEO spam; however, if it is not easy to tell visually that its SEO, it is easy to get away with it. Articles that are written properly do not appear as SEO; therefore, Google doesn’t notice the difference.


The images need to be neat. SEO websites and articles should be considered a high maintenance project. It should be taken just as seriously as formatting an article for an informational website that is not involved in SEO. Many will turn from the page if the picture does not look relevant or isn’t formatted properly.

Use The Right URL

Your URL does not have to be creative like other types of websites on the internet. In fact, this can throw people off from reading it if the URL is too far from the topic. A proper URL should be used. Typically, URLs that due well for SEO articles are very too the point. They often involve very concise titles that let the reader know exactly what the writing pertains to.

It’s Tempting

Everyone is trying to maximize income. It’s tempting to choose an SEO article that’s not well written. If you are paying a freelance writer, you should at least spend a reasonable amount of money to make sure it is a writer that’s of an okay quality. When it comes to freelance writing, in most cases you get what you pay for.

Have A Target

People read information online that is relevant to them. This makes having a target audience highly important. It also helps you organize your articles and method easily as a specific topic and audience are much easier to manage successfully.

Keyword Overload? No!

Stuffing the articles with keywords used to not tip off search engines. As search engines have become a lot more aware of the practice of SEO, they have started to pick up on articles that contain too many of a specific phrase or word.

Ideally, your keyword should be repeated in the article no more than three times. If it is a short article, it’s better to shorten the occurrence to two times.


It isn’t a bad idea to leave a comment section. People analyze the article more when there’s a comment section because they have to think more to comment. A comment section also makes the article and website appear legitimate. It gives the look that it should be interesting to the reader because people are talking about the idea.

Is SEO Still Effective?

While the delivery is constantly changing, SEO is still very effective at giving you the results you’ll need to run a successful campaign. The profit is still very much there. The practice is alive and thriving for those who wish to engage in it. SEO has become more complicated though. It will probably continue to do so as typically these types of trends continue to increase. While you’ll need to learn more, it’s still a great business.