We’ve got your New Year’s Resolution

Sure, you may consider joining a gym. Or eating better. Or any of the other cliche New Year’s Resolutions. And those are all well and good, and we wish you the best of luck in keeping those.

But may we recommend an additional one? How about you make 2018 the Year of the Arts. Resolve to be an arts consumer. To see a show. To go to an opening. To hear a concert.

And resolve to be an arts producer. On any level. Audition for a theatre show. Join a choir. Paint something.

If you resolve to make the arts a cornerstone of your 2018, you will find a richer, fuller year ahead of you. Sure, 2018 will have its challenges and its valleys. But art can be the fuel to make the tough times more bearable, and the good times even better. Because #ArtsMatter

Happy New Year!