What Are The Most Effective And Safest Link Building Strategies In 2020?

Unless you are WebMD or HubSpot, where they naturally land a gazillion links, you should be on a quest for the best and safest link building strategies.

One of the hallmarks of Google’s SEO philosophy is valuable content and a strong backlink profile.

Backlinks are an integral part of growing your overall SEO strategy and help your site earn high organic search rankings. But that’s not all; high-quality links play a vital role in getting your business out there and telling the online community that you are a trusted source of information.

Offering useful and engaging content with quality links to your site visitors is an excellent way to provide your business with maximum exposure. But with Google’s strict link building guidelines, how do you get it right? If nothing else, effective link building is about putting yourself out there on the web and form give-and-take relationships.

Why Should You Prioritize The Best And Safest Link Building Strategies?

  • Are you asking: what kind of impact will link building make on your business?
  • It’s straightforward: Implementing advanced link building strategies is what will separate your business from your competition and ultimately come out on top. With practical strategies, you’ll achieve high-quality links that will become a sign of trust among search engines, and you will attract your target traffic.

Here’s an extra incentive to start implementing the best link building strategies:

Links are among the top 3 of Google’s top-ranking factors

So, by implementing advanced link building strategies, not only will you be in Google’s good books, but you’ll increase the chances of users trusting your content and ultimately see an increase in sales.

But how do you go about building high-quality links in an ethical way that positively impacts your brand?

Here are the four most effective and safest link building strategies to use in 2020:

1. Analyze Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Link building without monitoring your competitors could lead you in a ditch – a ditch where visitors and search engines won’t trust you regardless of how many links you have. You’ll want to keep spy on your competitor’s backlinks. Crawl your way into your competitors’ site and see if you’ll bump into any valuable backlinking opportunities.

Not sure how to crawl your way into all your competitors’ websites? Don’t worry; you can make use of tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz’s Open Site Explorer. These tools will provide you with a detailed list of sites that link back to your competitors. Analyzing your competitors’ backlinks will give you a variety of sites to connect with and grow your list of link sharers.

2. Publish Journalistic Information And Offer An Education Section

One of the best and safest link building strategy is to publish journalistic information. People are often looking for additional information regarding what they are searching for. So, why not create a section that offers your site visitors an education guide?

Journalists and writers are always on the hunt for reports, interviews, and stories to publish on their pages to educate, inform, and entertain the masses. They are always on the lookout for multiple opinions from different opinions.

So, when you’re building by-the-book links, what better way to do so than to publish journalistic information? If you can offer writers or journalists something interesting for free, then you can sit back and enjoy exposure and powerful links.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting, does it help you build links? Well, yes! In a guest post, the premise is simple: the relationship between you and the other website is explicit. Sites are always in need of fresh and relevant content, and hiring expert content writers aren’t cheap. So, when contributing valuable content for a website to publish, they will welcome you as a guest blogger, and you’ll get more exposure and acquire valuable links to your site. Reach out to websites that would be open to receiving content from you and even pitch to those that don’t offer invitations.

But once you get the opportunity to publish content on their site, don’t just quit after a few blog posts. Sure, you’ll drive some referral traffic but not ask if you can become a regular contributor? Guest posting is an excellent way to not only build lasting connections, but it also presents you with an opportunity to add useful links back to your site.

4. Create Quality Content

More often than not, you need not look further than the most straightforward solution when searching for answers, and in this case, the simplest solution is creating quality content. Want a safe and effective way to build links? Create excellent content! You’ll want to have creative, fresh, relevant, and long-form content on your site that others will want to link to as well. Of course, the safest path to top-tier content is through premium writers. By creating excellent content, site visitors will be more motivated to read it and share it.

There’s no mistake: Link building matters, and with these four safe and effective strategies, you’re well on your way to the top of search engine results pages.